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Sootheze Body Therapy Collection
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Comforting-Warmth prides itself on offering Sootheze's Microwaveable & Cooling Toasty Bears and Spa Friends, which are unique, highly valued, premium quality products that fit most budgets. Designed for use from children to seniors, Sootheze's Toasty Bears and Spa Friends are available in multiple lines of different animal designs, including soft and snuggly bears, wild animals, pigs, bunnies, and sea creatures.

Our Goal: is to help you find what you are searching for, whether it be natural relief from arthritis, alzheimer's, anxiety, cramps, post surgery recovery, cold and flu, aches and pains, a perfect gift for kids of all ages, someone special, or soothing treat for yourself.

Now people of all ages can use their favorite animal to effectively relieve a multitude of ailments, including: neck, back and joint pain; cramps; cold and flu symptoms; migraine headaches; agitation and anxiety often felt by alzheimer's sufferers.

Our heat, cold and aromatherapy products are filled with flaxseed, herbs, or buckwheat appropriate year round for anyone with aches and pains. The flaxseed absorbs and holds the heat or cold, providing you with lasting relief.

Those products that also have aromatherapy applications are filled with a specially blended selection of  herbs. You receive therapeutic benefits simply by breathing in the pleasant aroma. For more information visit our FAQ section.

Aromatherapy products are filled with a custom blend of nine different food-quality herbs: lavender, thyme, lemon balm, hyssop, orange peel, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, and rose buds.

These herbs have been shown to calm anxiety, sooth aches and pains, help people sleep, provide relief from colds, flu, arthritis, alzheimer's, anxiety, cramps, and many other beneficial effects. 


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