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Designed for use from children to seniors, Toasty Bears and Spa Friends are available in multiple lines of different animal designs, including soft and snuggly bears, wild animals, pigs, bunnies, and sea creatures. Providing soothing comfort and relief from everyday aches and pains, these animals are ideal for friends and loved ones recovering from illness or loss, seniors feeling the effects of aging, and children who are happy and willing to accept relief delivered in a familiar, appealing and cuddly form. Now people of all ages can use their favorite animal to effectively relieve a multitude of ailments, including: neck, back and joint pain; cramps; cold and flu symptoms; migraine headaches; agitation and anxiety often felt by Alzheimer's sufferers.

With so many unique products to choose from and different heat, cold and aroma therapy applications, we realize you might have questions or want to learn more. And as a smart shopper, you probably want to know about policies, ordering, customer service, privacy and other consumer concerns. If the following list of Frequently Asked Questions does not provide the information you require, please contact us or by telephone at 408-310-9008.

Q: How do the products work?

A: Products with flaxseed are designed to be heated or put in the freezer to provide beneficial heat or cold therapy. The flaxseed absorbs and holds the heat or cold, providing you with lasting relief. Those products that also have aromatherapy applications are filled with a specially blended selection of nine herbs. You receive therapeutic benefits simply by breathing in the pleasant aroma.

Q: What herbs do you use in the products and why?

A: Aroma therapy products are filled with a custom blend of nine different food-quality herbs: lavender, thyme, lemon balm, hyssop, orange peel, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, and rose buds. These herbs have been shown to calm anxiety, sooth aches and pains, help people sleep, provide relief from colds, flu, and cramps, and many other beneficial effects.  Herbs are plant products and as such may cause irritation in people with allergies.

Q: How can I be sure the flaxseed stuffing is clean?

A: Flaxseed filling is FDA food grade approved which means it is free of pesticides and has been cleaned according to FDA regulations for food products.

Q: How do I heat my Toasty product?

A: Microwave heating times differ by product. Each item comes with detailed instructions on heating. It is important to follow the directions carefully to prevent overheating. Test the product against your hands before applying to sensitive skin areas. In addition, a clean microwave will help avoid burning, absorption of unpleasant odors, and stains. Do not heat in conventional oven or dryer. **Note: some  products, such as Aroma Bears are not intended for heat or cold therapy.

Q: My  product feels slightly moist after I heat it. Is this okay?

A: Yes, flaxseed contains natural moisture and heating the product causes some of that moisture to be released, especially in relatively new  products.

Q: How do I cool my  product?

A: To cool your  product, place in a plastic bag to avoid damage or absorption of freezer odors. Leave in freezer for a minimum of two hours before using. Be sure to follow directions included with the packaging.

Q: How long will my  product stay hot or cold?

A: Temperature retention varies based on product type, room temperature, and use. In general, heat therapy lasts for one hour or up to four hours if used under bedcovers. Cold therapy lasts up to one hour.

Q: Are  products hypoallergenic?

A: All products are naturally hypoallergenic, but any products with aromatherapy features are filled with herbs and can cause irritation among people with plant allergies. Alternate fillings are available upon request.

Q: How do I clean my  product?

A: Some products have removable, washable covers. It is best to hand wash these fabrics to help maintain colors and shape. The inner covers and the Toasty Bears & Spa Friends should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. A small amount of mild dish soap applied to the cloth can be used on dirt or stains. A blow drier can be used to dry damp fabrics. **Do not submerge or soak products with buckwheat, flaxseed or herbs.

Q: How long will my  product last?

A: Product life depends on frequency of use, care, and several other variables beyond our control. Flaxseed does eventually dry out and loose its ability to retain heat or cold. The aromatherapy herbs will also lose their potency over time. As with other functional products, the more you use them, the faster they wear out. However, it is generally the filling that needs replacing (see next question).

Q: Can the products be repaired or refilled?

A: For a small fee, we can refill your buckwheat, or aromatherapy product. Depending on the type and extent of damage, we can also make repairs. Arrangements and authorization must be obtained.

Q: Can I return my  product?

A: Yes. If for any reason you want to return an item, you can do so within 7 days of receipt. See our Refund Policy for specific information and instructions.

Q: What if my  product arrives damaged?

A: Each product is carefully checked before shipping. In the unlikely event it arrives damaged, we will replace the product or refund your money. Please see our Refund Policy for information on how to report a damaged product and initiate a return.

Q: How long does it take to receive my  product?

A: In stock items generally ship the same day if the order is placed before 2 p.m. Pacific Time. Delivery time depends on your geographic location but generally takes between five to seven days. See our Shipping Policy for additional information.


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